Journeys of Awakening

Experiences of yogis who are students in the member schools of the Atman Federation.



Welcome to this platform that is dedicated to sharing the personal insights and revelations of many students in the esoteric yoga schools around the world, that are inspired by the same teachings provided by Atman – the International Federation of Yoga & Meditation.

This project has been in the pipeline for a long time, but recent events have made it even more important to give a fair voice to the goodness of our direct experiences in the yoga schools we are each a student of. This site is in its beginning phases, but it will continue to develop and grow in the next few days and going forwards.

We are a group of students from various Atman Federation member schools. We created this site because our lives have been truly enriched by the knowledge, practice and spiritual communities that are the foundation of the yoga schools we each love. This platform is our way of giving something back.

There are more than 40,000 people enrolled as students across the many independent member schools of the Atman Federation. These people are from all walks of life, nationalities, cultures, faiths, races, ages and with various levels of engagement and experience in the schools – from beginners in the first year classes, to people who have been actively learning and practicing the methodology offered for more than 30 years. Even in time, it will be a challenge to cover all the experiences, transformations and perspectives present among such a diverse group, but we do want people to see that there is SO much good to share.

The testimonials we have collected speak for themselves: stories about profound happiness, deeply supportive friendships, guidance through various life situations, concrete and systematic methods to reach specific results in ones own life, such as in the areas of concentration, inner discipline, meditation, emotional intelligence, physical health, couple relationships, and much more. We hereby aim to show the amazingly practical value of a system that addresses the entire human experience.

You’ll sometimes hear students saying, “our school,” referring not to the independent yoga school they are students in – but to the overall movement, the alive “organism” which we feel a part of. This might be difficult for those who have not been in touch with any of the schools to understand. Although these schools are separate and independent from each other in all practical matters (organisation, finance, legislation etc.), we – the practitioners – are nevertheless united around the same spiritual practices, values and ideals. There is, therefore, a general sense of togetherness amongst the students – even if they have never met each other or come from opposite sides of the planet.

Although it is natural in both organisations and human relationships that from time to time people can be critical, in this case, amongst the many people who are happily engaged in their classes and activities, a few have sometimes turned, scathingly and unfoundedly, against one of the schools or specific teachers. Those strangely critical voices, however, tend to be very active and “loud” in sharing their views and receiving a lot of attention in the media. In the meantime, the vast majority of students are happy and busy with their own personal lives and transformation, not engaging with nonsensical controversy and debates.

Through this initiative some (and gradually many more) have chosen to now speak up and share their experiences, to bring clarity and authentic perspectives to the picture.

Unity in the Heart

This system of teachings has the power to unite all of us in the spirit of transformation and spiritual evolution. It offers the framework for turning life experience into an amazing learning process where everything is significant and has meaning on a personal and collective level.

Video Testimonials


Atman Online Academy

On the importance of receiving help and guidance in life and the depth and purity of the teachers and teachings in this esoteric yoga school. 


MISA, Romania

On applying the yoga teachings in all aspects of life and how the word “boredom” disappeared from his life.


Natha, Denmark

On meditation as a tool to unlock the amazing hidden potentials of the human consciousness during his time in university.


This platform is a private initiative by a small group of students and does not represent the official voice of any of the member schools of the Atman Federation, or the Atman Federation itself. This site is, therefore, not an authority of information about the member schools, its teachers, activities or the Atman Federation.

Many of the testimonials on this platform have been created by the respective students specifically to support the purpose of this site, while others are kindly lent to us by those who made them for various other local school initiatives. All content is published here with the explicit consent of the person who made it.