Personal Journeys



Tara, UK

The challenges that we’ve faced all over the planet in the last months have the power to easily shake our self-confidence. When so many of the things that we rely on validating ourselves in relation to, are taken away, we’re also called from within to seek a more stable source of confidence.



Amrita Yoga, Thailand

Up until a couple of years ago I used to live a “normal” North American life. I went to university, studied physical therapy, and practiced professionally for two years. After a while, I started feeling like something was missing. So I quit, packed a bag and left for Asia, looking for …



Satya Yoga School, Russia

I started practicing tantra yoga 18 years ago. I was going through a very difficult period in my life, I was in a state of depression, I was tormented by a feeling of hopelessness and meaninglessness of existence. Those inner torments had a very harmful effect on my physical health.



Tara, UK

Making the step to truly forgive is one of the most spiritually rewarding actions we can do. It is said that succeeding to forgive is like setting a prisoner free, and then realising that the prisoner was you.



Natha, Portugal

I am most grateful for the teachings I receive in the courses of Atman Federation. I was trained as an engineer to operate based on concrete parameters, logic and measurable results.



Natha, Denmark

I started to attend Tantra classes at Natha Yoga Center about 10 years ago and I have also been a volunteer for Natha for the last 7 years.



MISA, Romania

I would like to share that I grew up in two consecutive wars and lived many years as a refugee, moving from country to country, which has caused accumulated physical, emotional and social tensions. These tormented me throughout my life, until I started practicing yoga.



Rezonance Spiritual School, Czech Republic

I could give many examples of how the courses of the Rezonance Spiritual School, which I have been attending for more than 8 years now, have changed my life for the better, but I would like to talk more about one of the most valuable benefits for me – the transformation of my intimate relationships.