Video Testimonials


Atman Online Academy

On the importance of receiving help and guidance in life and the depth and purity of the teachers and teachings in this esoteric yoga school. 


MISA, Romania

On applying the yoga teachings in all aspects of life and how the word “boredom” disappeared from his life.


Natha, Denmark

On meditation as a tool to unlock the amazing hidden potentials of the human consciousness during his time in university.


Shambala, Bosnia

Honest story of going from wild teenage life to finding stability in dealing with life challenges and being supported by a loving spiritual community.


Atman Yoga Italia, Italy

About the most essential benefits: profound connections, deep results of the yoga practice and the courage to stand up for a healthy spiritual path.


Natha, Denmark

Sharing the stages of her spiritual evolution and the experience of Self Revelation in daily life.


MISA, Romania

About finding a deeper meaning of life and getting tools to always come back on track from any sideroad.


Sundari Yoga, Japan

Shares how the teachings has influenced his life and brought more coherence and integration.


Amrita, Thailand

On hyper-conscious living as a way to support each other to get to the top together. 


Tara, UK

About the way the teachings and the community are connected: in every situation the right gift from the right person comes at the right moment…


Joga Neizmerne Sreče in Zdravja, Slovenia

On overcoming anxiety and frustrations through yoga practice and learning to give her creative energies a harmonious direction.  


Natha, Denmark

Shares 4 of the most important principles she has learned on the tantric path and how she uses it in her everyday life.


MISA, Romania

On how the basis of life has transformed and a feeling of deep authenticity.


MISA, Romania

Shares about how she started her spiritual path and discovered deeper aspirations and longings of her soul, new purpose and greater joy of life.  


Natha, Denmark

About discovering a deeper purpose in life and starting the essential inner journey of Self discovery.


Korösi Csoma Jóga Egyesület, Hungary

About the inner experience of belonging in the world, and the fascination of how there are always new aspects to discover.


Natha, Denmark

On managing moods through yoga and activate ones inner Sun.


Natha, Denmark

On yoga and how it helps her creative work.


Tara, UK

On the transforming power of love and following the inner calling of the heart that brings everything together.


Atman Online Academy

On how the teachings have enriched his daily life.


Natha, Denmark

A personal story of learning forgiveness, blossoming as a woman and finding the courage to be more true and loving to herself and others.


Natha, Denmark

On Tantric lovemaking and how it is fundamentally different from a sexual experience.


Tara Yoga Centre, Italy

A search for personal growth and finding esoteric yoga after a difficult life event.